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Washing Technique

1. Hair Care
  • Be ready for everything supplies that are required and drench the hair with hot water.
  • Immerse the hair with gentle shampoo for sometime.
  • Soak the hair in clean water for once.
  • Repeat the previous step for several times to ensure the hair is completely clean.
  • Use towel to cover the hair to absorb water on it.
  • Dangle the with loose weft and drain the extra water to hold the curls in a proper manner.
  • Clean and soften the hair on regular basis. For best results, do this process for one or two times a week.
  • Untangle hair mildly prior to cleaning it. Don't twist or rub it. Add gentle shampoo and swish hair to a bucket of cool water to wash. Drench thoroughly.
  • Absorb out the extra water by using a towel and permit hair to dry in a natural manner. Do not allow the exposure of sun on it.
  • In case the hair is not untangled then detangle it following the wash.
  • Comb out the perm hair through your fingers from one end to another. Do not use brush. Comb out the hair in a downward movement direct with the ends.
  • Some products must not be combed such as DOM, braids and more. Visit your hair stylist if you have any queries.
  • Combs that are round in shape and have broad teeth should be used.
  • Do not blow dry the root of hair from a very close distance. Do not hold the roots of hair or engage in the hair when cleaning.
2. Hair Test

a) Tangle Test:

First comb out the ends of the hair, then middle and at last roots. It is suggested to not comb out the hair directly from the roots. Hard pulling of the hair can effect in breakage of it. As every waves are created from pure remy hair, the epidermis of hair are ranged in one way that averts it from twisting.

b) Shedding Test:

We have adopted modern advancement to fabricate the dual weft. Apply double stress on weft to make sure there is no shedding of hair.

c) Dyeing Test:

Kindly clean the hair with hot water prior to starting dyeing. Utilization of chemical to color the hair does not include our process. Our range is genuine natural human hair. It can be dyed by the customers in any color they like.

d) Restyle Test: Do not overreach the temperature of 200o C and change hair styles too frequently, so the life of hair can last longer.

e) Burning Test: Synthetic hair burns as plastic burns. There is low flame and senses sticky when it gets ignited. Whereas, Human hair burnt as a burnt scent and catches flame quiet rapidly. It sense like cake, which simple turns into ash.

f) Washing Test

The color of our hair is natural. so it will not fade away while washing.
  • Fill a basin or tub with lukewarm or cool water.
  • Put small amount of gentle shampoo and clean it gently.
  • Carefully drain out the excess water from the hair and do not apply brush on it.
  • Soak completely in cool water.
  • Once the hair is thoroughly dry, comb it into required style.
  • Do not expose the hair to sun as curls will go back into their shape once the hair is dried.
3. Quality Test

1. Heat Test

It is able to straight raw perm hair but heat but it is recommended to not to overreach the temperature of 200 C.

2. Tangle and Shedding Test

The hair has strong and reliable weft, which offers ease in combing that leaves the hair shedding and tangle free.

3. Washing Test

After washing the hair with suitable temperature water, it will retain its shape once it is dry.

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